Thursday, April 7, 2016

I Am More Than My Job Title

I didn't create the job title.

I applied for it, and I got the job.

Now, how do I move beyond it?

If a hiring manager looks at the job title, will they dismiss me based on the apparent size of the jump I need to make in order to reach their posting?  Will I lose out on an opportunity I am more than qualified for, simply because my title is seemingly small in stature and responsibility?

I have read in other places, about the skills acquired simply from being a parent:  organizational skills, scheduling, menu planning, budgeting, negotiation, diplomacy, counseling, to name a few.  But can you really include those on a resume?

If I haven't managed people in an office setting, but have managed people in a household, does that mean I have mangerial experience?

If I have listened to different sides of an argument or discussion, and tried to help both sides come to an agreement, do I have negotiation skills?

If I have looked at a week's schedule, knowing transportation is limited, as is time, and figured out how to get people to various places, does that count as scheduling experience?

These are just some things I have been thinking about recently.  As I try to find my way in the working world, to support my family and gain a little ground in this race, I understand it is not about notoriety or wealth.  But I want to do my best to keep learning, find new adventures, and most of all, love my family.

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