Friday, August 20, 2010

A Prayer

I found this a while back.  I wrote it several years ago for the girls, and as I read it, I realized that God is answering this even when I forget to ask.  He is faithful and true, even when I am not paying attention!

 Father, bless their sleep, my prayer
Guard their minds, their souls, their cares
Keep them still throughout this night
Wake them with the morning light

Bind their fears and grant Your peace
May Your mercy never cease
Stay with them all of their days
Bless them Lord, is all I pray

Lord of Hope, of Grace, of Love
Look on these girls from up above
Smile on them Lord, shine through them too
May they be bright lights, shining for You

May they know the love you gave
 By sending Your Son, our souls to save
Let them share Him faithfully
And allow others Your love to see

Father, bless their sleep this night
Keep their spirits shining bright
Thank You for this day we’ve spent
And for these girls who are heaven-sent.

--Holly Campbell

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Beginning. . .

The beginning of anything can be intimidating. Trying to write that first word, think that first thought, paint that first brushstroke. What if it isn't the right word? What if the thought makes no sense? What if that brush goes in a direction different than I wanted it?

Creativity is intimidating. There are so many creative people, and what if my projects and ideas don't measure up?

As I carry on this journey, I want to try to honor my Creator by using the talents He has given me. I don't want to get caught up in comparisons and self-inflicted criticism. I want to enjoy this journey, taking in all the beauty around me and finding the beauty within.