Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Another Beginning

Today is the first day of school for the girls.  Our youngest was a little nervous, but walked through it step by step, and into the doors of high school.  Our oldest is a trooper, and so kind to offer a seat at lunch, if needed, to her sister and friends. 

It is strange to know that really, we are this close to the end of their schooling.  Weren't they just starting first grade?  Riding the bus, getting new backpacks that were smaller, lighter, just enough to carry some papers that had colors or letters or numbers to practice...
Now their packs have to be large enough to accommodate text books, and binders, and notebooks.  (And do we need to find a chiropractor to fix the curve in their spine from carrying all of these?) 

Time certainly keeps marching forward, though some days it feels like a sprint...

As we wind our way through this year, there will be new things to learn, and things to review.  There will be beginnings and endings, good and bad, trials and celebrations. 

We hold to love, faith, and each other as we work through difficulties, and as we rejoice in accomplishments.  We know the One who holds us all in His hand, and we are grateful to Him for His blessings, mercy, grace and love.