Monday, April 25, 2016

Where Do I Begin?

I don't remember many exact details of my childhood.

The memories are more sensory pictures with faded edges, dapples of sunlight on the dark, cool grass, and sounds of breezes rustling the leaves, crickets chirping, and stones popping off of automobile tires as they travel past the yard and on down the dirt road, the scent of dark Spring dirt or fresh mown hay from the field behind the house, and the taste of Summer sun warmed tomatoes and green peas right from the garden.
These pictures are a compilation of memories, of  Summers blended together in the colorful glass mixing bowl that Grandma kept in her cupboard.  They taste of dust and fresh mown hay, of bacon and tomato sandwiches, macaroni salad and niffles (yes they are a thing) and lettuce with a simple vinegar and sugar dressing.

They travel in a metal picinic basket with a plaid design, to a field where Grandpa is mowing, or plowing, or raking. They run down the dirt road to a wooded spot where the daffodils grow near a small brook.

They play in the tent made of blankets, hung over the clothes line in the back yard.  They sleep under the stars, waking to a dew soaked morning that smells fresh and damp at the same time. 

This is a part of where I begin.  

Friday, April 22, 2016


I sometimes catch glimpses of a life more fulfilled. 

A place where a difference is made, help is given, abilities are used to their fullest, and joy abounds.  

I suppose that place can be anywhere, if I see each day with its own purpose.  

Each day with its own opportunities.  

Each day with its own needs and design.  

Open my eyes...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Words Enough

Are there words enough to share with others
Words enough to keep to myself

Are there words enough to teach my children
Words enough to stack on a shelf

There are words that fly so fast and so furious
Words that rise and fall

Words that are so full of questions and curious
Words that can feel so small

Are there words enough to hold us together
Words that don't tear apart

Are there words enough to make us each better
What is the place we should start

Thursday, April 7, 2016

I Am More Than My Job Title

I didn't create the job title.

I applied for it, and I got the job.

Now, how do I move beyond it?

If a hiring manager looks at the job title, will they dismiss me based on the apparent size of the jump I need to make in order to reach their posting?  Will I lose out on an opportunity I am more than qualified for, simply because my title is seemingly small in stature and responsibility?

I have read in other places, about the skills acquired simply from being a parent:  organizational skills, scheduling, menu planning, budgeting, negotiation, diplomacy, counseling, to name a few.  But can you really include those on a resume?

If I haven't managed people in an office setting, but have managed people in a household, does that mean I have mangerial experience?

If I have listened to different sides of an argument or discussion, and tried to help both sides come to an agreement, do I have negotiation skills?

If I have looked at a week's schedule, knowing transportation is limited, as is time, and figured out how to get people to various places, does that count as scheduling experience?

These are just some things I have been thinking about recently.  As I try to find my way in the working world, to support my family and gain a little ground in this race, I understand it is not about notoriety or wealth.  But I want to do my best to keep learning, find new adventures, and most of all, love my family.